Our story

“A place where women can discover, share, educate and connect themselves with other passionate and obsessed golfers”- Nikki Wilson 

Golf  has truly swept me off my feet, and needless to say many other women too.  We enjoy this healthy lifestyle spent outdoors on a stunning summer’s day, totally taken away from our weekly routines, nothing else to think about but spending time with like minded women.   YES, we are well and truly obsessed with Golf !  So if you’ve caught the golf obsession or would like to get intimate with Golf just like me…this site is where you need to be! 

No matter what age, what level or what club you play at, this is a place where all women can come together share, discover, educate and connect themselves with other passionate and obsessed golfers. I’ve created a positive learning environment where we can learn off each other, and where I can source useful and very interesting information, conduct interviews with the well experienced, give some inspo on fashion, organise events/workshops, some technique advice from pros and many many more! If you would like to be part of this and get yourself playing at your best on the fairway, then welcome to the Fairway Birdies!

And for those who are thinking.. “who the hell is Nikki Wilson”, well here’s a little about me 😊…

It all started back in the early days…. As a young teenager I was very sporty, track & field, tennis, swimming there wasn’t much I didn’t try at school.   My younger sister was dragged off the couch by Mum and introduced to golf, starting in a pro shop cleaning clubs for members, receiving golf lessons as payment.  She now has a long history of Club Championship trophies, State teams and Victorian Amateur titles and tournaments played around the world.  Whenever I’m out on the course playing with women she’s the first person I want to talk about, or brag about !!  

I started playing golf at the slight young age of 40, the same Mum dragged me down to the practice fairway and entered me into a clinic with a bunch of eagerly adventurous women.

Many of us wishing we started playing golf at a younger age because they say it’s a lot easier for muscle memory, all my muscles wanted to do was to go in the opposite direction to what the pro was telling me !!!  My whole family played golf and it was time for me to catch this obsessive behavior that went with being a golfer.  I can’t begin to tell you how many conversations I have had to listen in on around the dinner table, how many stories of 18 holes, stories of “I could have had anything today” and  “if only those putts had dropped” or “you should have seen how well I hit my irons today!!”

I have well and truly got the golf bug and I love anything and everything about golf, I have met so many gorgeous women and have made some very close friends.  I have learned so much from experienced and inexperienced golfers and fairway birdies is where I would love to share them with you.

Nikki & Erica x