Our story

“A place where women can discover, share, and connect themselves to a golfing community ”- Fairway Birdies 

Fairway Birdies are thrilled and excited to provide a club community where women can connect, learn and develop their skills to another level.

To take Fairway Birdies to the next level came from the passion of two women who wanted to make a difference in the market for women to transition from clinics to on-course play. Their intentions will always be to get more women on the course, to help them feel confident in their game and show that they can have a place on the course no matter the skill level.

They provide that guiding hand to help lead you to find your pathway to your very own golfing community.

They provide opportunities for you to learn via clinics, on-course mentoring, regular games and rules sessions.

The Golf clinics are conducted by PGA Accredited Teaching Professionals. The on-course sessions will be conducted by Community Instructors in the main.

Having access to a private membership lounge to communicate and keep up to date with all the events, games, weekend retreats, special partnership discounts and podcasts are just a few of the benefits of our membership.

Offering golfing opportunities in the market place is exciting because it is unique to women’s golf as we are trying to take our help beyond an online blog to a platform of accessible participation and opportunity for a demographic that can fall through the cracks.

We are excited to introduce Fairway Birdies, your community golf club, where you will connect with other fun like-minded women to learn & play the game of golf. 

If you would like to share your journey with us and get yourself playing at your best on the fairway’s, then welcome to Fairway Birdies!

Nikki & Erica xx