Access to Community Instructor Sessions – Now this is where the fun really begins! A community Instructor will spend up to 2 hours on course with a group of up to 4, where they will assist you in learning about golf etiquette, basic rules, course management & club selection, which will help you learn all there is to the game of golf. 

This will fast track you to playing confident and enjoyable golf, so you won’t feel intimidated when you play in your own group/s. This is a great opportunity to ask loads of questions about the game and course. These sessions are at additional costs to membership.

Simone, Nikki, Sue & Erica FWB Community Instructors

Helen Noble | Rowville Lakes Public Golf Course

I came to golf as a mature athlete and was soon addicted.I want be able to assist others to play and enjoy the game as much as I do.I am looking forward to working with the team to develop pathways for women and girls to create programs which allow them to be comfortable,safe and of course have fun.

Matthew Buff | Glen Waverley Golf Course

I’ve been around golf my whole life. I completed my Traineeship thru the PGA in 2012. Since then I’ve learnt a lot on how to help golfers lower their scores, working with what golfers have and turning that potential into reality.My philosophy is “there is not right way to swing a club but to find what works for the individual and get the best out of your game”.

Geoff George | Glen Waverley Golf Course

I have been a teaching professional for the last 39 years. Teaching people from the Beginner to Elite golfer. My philosophy is to “develop technique and a swing to suit the individual”.