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As we adapt to the current changes in our lifestyles, we look for ways to redirect our day to day routines.  Looking at the positives, I can’t help but be drawn to working on my core fitness for the purpose of controlling my balance. It’s the one thing that I’m always saying I’ll do but struggle to be consistent with.

I reached out to Belinda Goldfinch a highly qualified Pilates Instructor (APMA) with over 8 years experience working with Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Myotherapists.

Belinda is the founder of the Pilates for Golfers Program, a program that many golf clubs around the metropolitan area have running within their clubs facilities.  

Pilates is a method of movement taught by qualified instructors that can open up a whole new world of movement to people.  It connects your body and mind, teaches correct muscle recruitment, activates deep muscles, giving back control over your body. In doing so can help prevent common strains often associated with golf.  In the Pilates for Golfers program you will learn how to properly engage muscles and use them for specific movements that relate directly to the golf swing. 

During this difficult time of social distancing, programs in golf clubs are on hold until further notice. Belinda has kindly come on board to offer Fairway Birdies a platform to be actively connected to Pilates for Golfers program.

Several online classes are running every week. 

Visit www.pilatesforgolfers.com.au to book or contact Belinda (details below).

W – http://www.pilatesforgolfers.com.au

E – belinda@pilatesforgolfers.com.au

M – 0410 558 410

F – Pilates for Golfers

I – @pilatesforgolfers


How can Pilates help your golf game?

Okay, hands up if you have ever felt stiff after golf? Many people accept that this goes hand-in-hand with golf. But with some focus on the right deep muscles using good quality Pilates techniques, you can reduce or eliminate this and many other common strains on the body that are associated with golf.

·      Deep core muscles

By strengthening these lower abdominal muscles you will take the pressure off the low back and reduce stiffness and pain. It will also allow for improved posture at address.

·      Spine mobility

A long and mobile spine allows you to rotate further on the backswing without jeapordising your lower body balance and strength. And the more flexibility you have, the more power you can put into your swing.

·      Stabilise your pelvis

So what does a stable pelvis have to do with improving your golf swing? You are more inclined to hold your lower body strength when rotating into the back swing and a balanced and stable lower body combined with increased mobility means you can coil more efficiently in your backswing.

·      Increased proprioception (where your body is in space)

Improvements in proprioception will enable you to move your body how you want it to move, giving you control over your body.

·      Hip mobility and rotation

Without good hip rotation (both internal and external) using correct muscles, you can compensate on your follow through with knees or back causing wear and tear on muscles, and possibly ending up with injuries.

·      Shoulder mobility and strength

Good muscles engagement and joint mobility will ensure you hit the right positions in the back swing without causing wear and tear on the shoulder joint.

I encourage you all to get in touch with Belinda and sign up to her Pilates for Golfers Program, not only will you be doing yourself and your body a favour you will be supporting her small business in these unprecedented times.

Belinda has put a couple of basic exercises for us to get started on, please click on the links below to get involved.

I would love to hear your feedback so please keep in touch and send me an email.

Nikki xx



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