This is what we’ve been waiting for ! Welcome to Oakleigh Golf Course.

“Our Fairway Birdie Hub” – A place to call our own !! 

It’s important to me that I find and create opportunities to encourage and inspire women to begin and continue a life with Golf.  I’m always genuinely happy to promote golf at any facility but have always imagined having a place to call home for Fairway Birdies.
When I received a phone call from a passionate golfer who has been teaching the game of golf for over 25 years, chewing my ear off about an amazing opportunity for the future of Fairway Birdies, he really got my heart racing. This wonderful opportunity allows me to welcome you to a place we can call home, another pathway for you to be guaranteed of learning and improving with like minded women.

 “A Hidden Gem That’s Perfect for Learning and Improving where everybody is welcome” – Nikki

Such an exciting project that we can all be involved in by helping to promote the game of Women’s Golf. It’s also an avenue for the more experienced golfer to bring their friends and encourage the game we all love.

Oakleigh Public golf course is less than 20k from the City of Melbourne a couple of K’s from Chadstone shopping center and 300 meters off Dandenong Road and yet nobody seems to know it’s there.  What’s more it’s nine holes of learning perfection, seven of which are par 3’s and two par 4’s giving you the opportunity to hit every shot you need to become a competent golfer.

Due to its length when time is tight, no problem you can get around the course in an hour and a quarter or faster if you get your skates on and all for less than a large bucket of balls at the driving range.

Exciting news at Oakleigh is that Sandy Jamieson, a coach of 25 years, has recently arrived to teach beginners and intermediate golfers and is about to launch an innovative program to make learning golf  Easy, Fun & Affordable.

Those who do know of Oakleigh understand it is a learner’s paradise and as such are very tolerant and friendly to the new golfer so there is no need to be worried, just put 7 Park Road Oakleigh in the GPS and come on down.

Oakleigh is the Perfect place to learn, while you can hit long shots on the par 4 holes and the longer par 3’s it is the shots within 100m that really add up.  This little gem of a course will give you plenty of practice and whilst easier than it’s big brother private courses it has all the shots you will need to improve.  There are a handful of shallow bunkers that won’t break your spirits, some raised greens that are in really good condition and some that you can putt onto from 40 metres away.  In short if you can get around Oakleigh you will have the skills that will give you confidence to play on most courses.

Lets face it we are all busy so whether it is before or after work, in between school drop off or a detour from shopping at Chaddy, an hour and a quarter is an attractive proposition.  

No one to play with I hear, well that’s not a problem because while you’re welcome anytime, there are specific times booked for Fairway Birdies to come down and play with like minded girls.  Any excuse’s you might have are evaporating fast, user friendly, affordable and you get to meet like minded people.  

Sandy Jamieson is about to launch 1Club golf which gets beginners on the course playing within 15 minutes and is the ideal way to learn the game without having to stand on the range remembering 10 things.  1Club golf progresses into playing multiple clubs right through to using your whole set if you choose to do so. At Oakleigh it’s about finding the level of golf that suits you whether it’s a hit and a chat with friends or if you desire to play competition golf we can help you.

Fairway Birdies will start with permanent reserved times at Oakleigh Golf course. CALL TODAY !

Tuesdays from 12.30pm

Fridays from 10am

Sunday Afternoons from 1.30pm

Of course, you are welcome to play anytime not just the reserved times.

Green Fees 9 holes $18.20 / Concession $13.50

CALL NOW TO BOOK – Fairway Birdie booking sheet

9568 3307

Don’t forget to mention Fairway Birdies !!

Nikki xx

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