Be careful not to Drive to Sydney in an old Datsun…

Ok, the headline of my post is not apparent yet, but when selecting and buying your golf clubs there is a lot to take into consideration.

New clubs, a long term investment !

The first rule is to cut through a lot of the hype and attractive marketing that is associated with golf clubs and balls. Some of it is relevant for near pro players, but let me try and show you what is relevant to you.

The second rule is don’t rely on using someone else’s old second hand clubs or buying a random set off ebay or online. It is impossible to get a feel of the club from looking at a picture. Secondhand clubs have old, worn grips, heavy old technology, shafts of God knows what length, and usually heavy club heads.

These days the shaft of the golf club is lighter, can be made of graphite, has a variety of flex available and is tailored to your height, arm length, swing speed and type of club head.

I cannot emphasize how important the shaft is when purchasing clubs. Graphite shafts are lighter and better for players with a slower swing speed. They will aid in increasing your club head speed. Steel shafts are more performance oriented and better for stronger players.

Graphite Shaft

The club heads are designed with either titanium, steel, tungsten or a combination. It is the heaviest part of the club. The face has grooves which are important to impart spin on the ball. (It is important to keep these grooves clean and remove sand, dirt, grass or mud before each shot).

The sole of the golf club head is the bottom of the club that rests on the ground. Its width is very important. A beginner is best suited to a wide sole and is a factor in positioning the head just before hitting the ball. If you mishit, a wide sole will minimize damage because a wide sole will sort of bounce off the ground and stop the club digging into the ground if you hit down on the ball.

A hybrid club is a club with a very large sole and a large back similar to a wood. It gives players a larger margin of error in ball striking because of the large sole. It makes a lesser divot and because there is more club head the ball travels a little further.

When buying clubs, you must choose a selection that covers each distance you need to hit the ball based on your full swing, how quickly you need the ball to stop and the loft (height) required for some shots.

At Drummond Golf or X-Golf they have computers that monitor your speed, ball loft and can calculate the distance the ball will travel. Besides your putter, you are allowed another 13 clubs to cover your height and distance requirements.

Usually, a couple of wedges – short, travel, high loft clubs used around the green and in bunkers and long grass. Other clubs will cover tee shots, usually a driver and/or a wood, some irons and hybrids to cover each distance (in 10-15 meter increments) from 150 meters to 40m or less from the pin. The higher the number of a club generally results in a higher, shorter shot.

You must use demonstrator clubs in a few rounds or practise before you buy. The club must feel super comfortable in your hands and not heavy.

So, back to that Datsun. Sure, you can drive the Datsun, however it will be slow, chunky and have unreliable poor handling, just like old clubs. A new set of clubs, like a modern car are responsive, light and a pleasure to use!

Fairway Birdies has seen many women begin a life with golf, we have started with old borrowed clubs from husbands, sons, parents and grand parents !! The only good thing about starting with old clubs is the incredible difference you feel with the new ones. If you need any help or guidance on where to go or what to buy please don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m happy to help ! nikkiwilsongolf@gmail.com.

Nikki xx

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