The Women’s Golf market at this level needs a catalyst…

After many years of being a home maker and juggling the demands of school age children, the relentless driving and all the other stuff that goes with being a parent, I realised that my children were becoming more independent.   As they approached the later years of schooling and beginnings of university, it was then that I felt it was time to do my own thing and to find something that I loved. Can you relate ?

I will never forget when I first started, with a tummy full of knots from nervous anticipation I soon realised that the game was much more than just hitting a ball. Over the years I have met so many amazing women who have become mentors, friends and fantastic sounding boards on not only golf but also life!

As I became more obsessed with the game and reached out for information about connecting with other like minded women I realised there was a gap. I had friends eager to hear more and wanting to take that next step, but not knowing how or where to go next.  

It’s not just about the sport of golf, it’s about women empowering themselves to embrace a lifestyle that encourages independence, strength, health, happiness and most importantly to feel connected to a positive environment.  Fairway Birdies has grown in a short amount of time and followed by many women nationally. Our reach is increasing and creating a large following via our online platforms. There is no other online site for women doing this.

Our ‘followers’ consist of both experienced and inexperienced women who are learning golf and are searching for courses to play and people to play with.

Many things can attract women to the game of golf.  Invariably it is often other things such as a need just to do something that gets you started. However, the love of the game soon develops beyond that one good shot per round, it keeps you coming back to a perspective of enjoying friendships and companionship with people with golf being the common denominator.  

Let me explain…

For a woman beyond her 40’s with her kids in school, with or without a part-time or full time job, there exists a need to do something other than walking the dog or going to the gym.  It feels good to get out of your regular routine once or twice a week to pursue socialisation, to learn a skill, have a game, meet people and have a laugh. (NB. none of this requires being good at golf yet.)  

Having the courage to make the decision to have some golf lessons is the key to entering this world I have just described.  Once you have had lessons, met people with similar skills and time constraints, you will find yourself playing 9 holes at a public course with new acquaintances and meeting more people doing the same. Ideas and invitations are shared and new courses are found and conquered.

Golf will have become a shared activity while you are sharing stories, life experiences, have a laugh lasting beyond the lattes afterwards.  You improve. You may want to join a Private Club eventually.

Pretty soon you will find people you like practising, playing and hanging with.  Golf is often the common activity couples have with each other, which leads to dinner invitation, travel and big golf days and lunches to match.

Ruth Macdonald and her golfing friends play at Sandringham Golf Course every week, they are looking to grow their group. If you would like to join them contact Ruth on her email macdonald.ruth@outlook.com

I personally have made some very close friends through golf with which my chats and conversations have enriched my life.

I enjoy being with these friends as much as I love golf.  It sure beats being at home wondering what to do. Enrol in a beginners golf clinic to get the ball rolling !!

A year down the track you will enter competitions within the club with similar women golfers and you will get the taste of golf competitions.  You will be addicted.

Encouraging our ladies to sign up to beginner programs around Melbourne has been one of our main goals. Creating a marketing platform for Golf facilities such as Yarra Bend Golf Range and Albert Park Driving Range, Fairway Birdies has encouraged and introduced over 130 women to the game since October 2018. With interest building in the industry we have our first private Golf Club coming on board to facilitate clinics via FWB, Northern Golf Club will commence a marketing campaign to grow their women’s membership with clinics beginning mid May 2019.

Clinics at these facilities are open for bookings NOW for the month of May, if you are interested or can recommend to a friend or family member click on the links below.



The womens golf market at this level needs a catalyst such as this to meet the unique needs of this demographic.

I encourage women to connect and follow my Facebook and Instagram pages. I will provide golf ideas and give women places and dates at various courses for lessons. I will bring them human interest stories about women and golf, provide golf travel destinations and show women that there is a whole new golf world out there for them. My sites are like a bridge providing women with a pathway of information for golfing options. Then through golf, women will have more options in their lives for friendship, travel, stimulating sporting challenges and personal interest as I have explained above.

What I am doing is exciting because it is unique to womens golf, as I am trying to take my help beyond an online blog to a platform of accessible participation opportunity for a demographic that can fall through the cracks of what is currently out there for men.

Nikki xx

If your club needs assistance growing the game for Women, contact Fairway Birdies @ nikkiwilsongolf@gmail.com for more information on our Marketing Campaign .

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