Emma Dumas is our Fairway Birdie golfer of the week…

When I first started Fairway Birdies my initial focus was to write about my own experiences. Sharing my love of the game and motivating women to have a life with golf ! My journey thus far, may it only be a short one, has enriched my life in so many ways. Meeting such incredible women, women who are strong, confident and going for it in life. Emma Dumas is one of those women, thankfully our paths have crossed. Introducing Emma Dumas our Fairway Birdie golfer of the week…

Emma Dumas walked away from a successful television production career to start Bodsquad Australia and produce The Muesli instead.

She asks herself why?  (Often as it turns out…)

Armed with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Physical Education, with 5 Carols By Candlelight, 3 ARIA Awards & 4 Logie Awards broadcasts, Series 1 of Frontline, my own company’s productions The World’s Greatest Commercials, Great Escapes, Oz Encounters – UFO’s in Australia, plus 5 years producing The Panel, then a series of Thank God You’re Here & Santo Sam & Ed’s Cup Fever (World Cup 2010), under my belt – I couldn’t see why producing a beautiful premium and naturally sugar free muesli should be any different!

It’s been interesting and I’m certainly in it for the long haul.  Turns out there’s a lot to the food industry and working in it, that does in fact, bear similarities to working for the Australian television networks.

There’s a feeling of futility some of the time.  Fighting a battle in the face of an opposition with more power, resources and as a rule, way less scruples, can get tiring after a while.  But that’s not to say that it isn’t a challenge I revel in.
Anyway – by way of introduction of my current self – I’m married, just turned 50, have two teenage girls and a gorgeous groodle puppy called Eddie.

In a nutshell, that’s what inspired Emma Dumas, mother, television producer, golfer, fitness fan and The Muesli Maker.“Clients of friend and personal trainer Donna Aston, couldn’t find a breakfast to complement their fitness programs. That’s why I created The Muesli. It’s the most important meal of the day. If you’re investing in getting fit and losing weight, it’s important to enjoy a quality breakfast.”

Here’s our Q&A interview with Emma:

F.W.B: Hi there! We are so excited to have you as our ‘Fairway Birdie Golfer of the Week’.

ED: How did you first get involved in golf and why? and what golf clubs have you been a member of?

As a kid we had a house down at Barwon Heads and Dad had one of those big golf nets in the back yard.  I was forever swinging a club out there and always jumped at the chance to get down to the little Par 3 course.  I joined Royal Melbourne as a Junior in 1991.  I’ve also been a member at Barwon Heads GC – but for now have sadly let that go as I simply couldn’t get down there enough to use it.  I just always loved swinging a golf club.  I started playing in the RMGC women’s comp around 2000 when I’d stopped working full time – Our youngest Sophie was a baby – but she soon got used to Wednesday’s at the creche!  Is that wrong?

Emma with daughters Amy and Sophie and husband Davi
Emma and her siblings Abbie, Jo, Lulu, Liza and Jack

When you first began, did you sign up with a bunch of friends, or did you solo style it ?

Lou Johns has been my golfing partner in crime for many years – there were very few other girl friends showing any interest.  We were neighbours as kids, went to different schools but saw lots of each other in Sorrett Drive! Lou married one of my husband’s best friends and we ended up seeing much more of each other in our late 20’s/early 30s.  I guess we started playing around the same time – Lou went to Kingston Heath and I was at RM – we were having our children – and starting to get into our golf.  We’ve played each other’s Guest Days for nearly 20 years and actually had our first success – cleaning up at Kinga late March – we were very chuffed with ourselves!  Especially – as my guerrilla marketing approach of giving Lou a pack of The Muesli as thanks for having me, and insisting that she leaves it on the table at lunch – worked a treat.  My first date with my Husband David was a round at Metropolitan.  I still remember the 3 iron (way too much club!) that I hit so sweetly off the 11th tee – soaring straight over the green and onto the 12th tee!  So we’ve always played – he came over to RM about 8 years ago which makes it much easier – not to mention the fact that our two girls are finished school and very independent now also! 

Emma and Lou winners on guest day at Kingston Heath.

Who are your biggest inspirations/role models in the game ? And why?

I love watching men’s and women’s golf and Volunteering when tournaments come to Australia – I’m very involved with the upcoming Presidents Cup (December ’19) heading up the team of volunteers on TV Production/Media.  It’s going to be amazing working with NBC/Golf Channel.

In your opinion, what do you think the hardest part about golf is?

Finding consistency.  I know that you need to practice which I still don’t find time to do – but just that playing sensationally one day and like a fool the next is really hard to swallow. Tragically I’m renowned for having had a Lifetime of Potential!

How does golf benefit your lifestyle ?

I feel joy (and depression!) every time I hit the course.  I love the exercise and being outdoors – and golf courses are pretty spectacular places.  I don’t get nearly as overwrought with myself as I used to – it really could bring me to my knees, which I’m sure many can relate to.  Nows, I go out with a much more carefree attitude and I have to say it’s improved my golf and my mood no end.

Running a small business how do you find time to have a life with golf?

My business partner Heather is a golfer and when we set it up that was the first order of business on the agenda – ‘Wednesdays are for golf’.  It’s remained very important that our golf stay in the mix of the work/life balance.  We’ve achieved it pretty well – sometimes with knockout tournaments we can find one or the other or both playing 2 even 3 times in a week.  We always make it work.

Tell us about your business “The Muesli” ? And what inspired you to start it?

I first started making The Muesli – packing it into a zip lock bag and selling it through my Personal Trainer – back in 2004.  She’d said to me that her clients couldn’t get breakfast right and I’d said – ‘don’t worry I’ll make something for them!’  I realised that there wasn’t another muesli product on the market like it.  All natural and incredibly low in sugar – basically sugar-free.  Most others were loaded with sugar also oils and numerous other nasties.  I could see the research and fact based evidence around sugar being a major player in most of the metabolic diseases on the rise in society.  Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, Fatty Liver Disease to name a couple of the biggies.  It stood to reason that people should and would be looking for Low Sugar/Sugar Free options where they were previously unavailable.  It turns out that the Sugar Lobby is probably the most powerful lobby in the world and the vested interests (from the growers up to the drug companies) – in keeping sugar in processed foods are such that, we continue to be fed conflicting and misleading information ensuring confusion and uncertainty in the market place.  In spite of this, we have managed to establish a wonderful, premium brand – The Muesli – with an unequaled health message and nutritional profile, in a very busy space.   We see new customers coming to our on-line store on a daily basis and feel proud of the fact that a major part of what we’ve done has been the education piece around sugar, helping people to understand that they need to take responsibility for themselves in order to make change and see actual benefits.  #BeSugarConscious www.themuesli.com.autheonelinerule.com.au

What are the benefits of The Muesli to a 4 hour round of golf?

The Muesli is the perfect fuel for a 4 hour round of golf.  It’s higher in protein than virtually all other breakfast options, also fat – yes fat!  These are good fats from nuts, seeds and coconut – all raw, in their natural form and able to be used as a sustained energy source.  A small 50g serve of The Muesli – due to the protein & fat content as well as the lack of sugar – will fill you up and keep you full right through until lunch.  Fun Fact – Sugar inhibits the hormones that control your appetite – so when you should feel full you actually don’t, allowing you to keep on eating.  A bowl of The Muesli with some fresh berries and Greek yoghurt is truly all you need to sustain you right through your round.

Have any qualities that you have developed in this business made you more resilient at golf?

I think running the business has certainly contributed to better resilience in my golf.  Managing time and prioritising puts things into a much more achievable perspective!

How does golf cope with everyday life of running a business ?

The company was set up to work around golf.  There have been many occasions when this has gone out the window but also plenty of others where golf has been the priority and the business can wait!  Having said that it’s very rare that we would keep our customers waiting – ensuring that we process orders every day, we’re renowned for our quick, reliable and friendly customer service!

Thank you so much for giving us your time to answer these questions. We truly believe ​that your contribution will help us encourage and motivate more and more women in the game of golf.
Happy golfing!
Fairway Birdies

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