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There are many topics to research but none as important as skincare against solar radiation because it can effect everyone.  A fairway birdie member and new golfer has contributed her thoughts and ideas for an article on protecting our skin from the sun while playing golf. 

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I have only been playing golf for 5 months, when I started in July when it was cooler.  My bag consisting of water, tees, balls and clubs.

After last week’s episode my bag has had to be re-packed.  I still have the water, tees, balls and clubs but I have added sunscreen spf 30+, sunglasses, lip balm with spf 30+ and a full brimmed hat.

I’ve been a beauty therapist for over 30 years, so I should have known better.  How on earth did I allow my neck to get burnt last week on the golf course?  The big red t-shirt mark under my neck – you know what I mean.  It was overcast, cool and there was a lovely refreshing breeze flowing up the fairway.


I blame my enthusiasm to get out onto the course.  My mind has been taken over with “will I actually be able to hit the ball today?”  My eagerness to get together with my newly made friends was in the fore front of my mind!

Yes, as I approach the course, the most important thing to me is to have a great game of golf but let’s be sensible about this. 

Sun rays can cause many changes to the skin structure even on cloudy days.  The longer we are exposed to the UVA, UVB and UVC rays our skin collagen begins to break down at a higher rate.  Age spots are frequently seen on older adults however they are not age related as their name suggests but a consequence of sun damage.

Hair colour, eye colour, your current number of freckles and genes all play a part of your predisposition to the risk of sun damage.  Red hair, fair skin with freckles and blue eyes are a combination that needs serious protection – think a long sleeve summer top on bad UV days.  Brown eyes have the least risk for eye colour.

Don’t expose any questionable moles or spots to the sun – get them checked.  If you have had past BCCs you have a greater risk and need for careful skin vigilance.  Remember a spot doesn’t have to be discoloured to be a BCC.

We must protect ourselves by learning to decode sunscreen lingo.

What is this SPF?

It stands for Sun Protection Factor, normally followed by a number.  This is a measurement of how well the product will protect your skin from sunburn.

If it normally takes 10 minutes for your skin to redden – a SPF 30 means that you are safe for 30 times longer than your normal rate.  That’s 300 minutes which is 4 hours of golf and 30 mins either side before and after the round.  This is a very general rule, dependant on how much you sweat and wipe your face.  If you are sweating – reapply after 2 hrs.  Apply liberally and at least 20 mins before you go out the door as a chemical reaction has to occur before it is effective!!  The ideal amount is 7 teaspoons for limbs and face.

Please don’t forget your poor little hand that doesn’t have a glove on, or your lips, head and eyes.  Hat and sun glasses are a must as the sun will damage the top of your head through hair or the mesh on some caps and UV rays bounce off grass upwards into your face!  Unless you are running your sunscreen through your hair and covering your scalp, I suggest a cap rather than a visor.  Unfortunately, visors may look the part in a fashion sense but that is all they are – an outfit accessory.  The top of your head must be covered to avoid the UV penetrating the through your hair causing damage to your scalp. 

You can enjoy hours of fun on the course as long as you are properly prepared.

Happy golfing…  Joey – Fairway Birdie member xx



Free SunSmart app


I’ve just downloaded this app onto my phone, it’s a great way to keep up to date with daily ratings.

UV cannot be seen or felt.  It is not like the sun’s light which we see, or the sun’s warmth (infrared radiation) which we feel. Our senses cannot detect UV so it can be damaging without us knowing.

The free SunSmart app tells you when sun protection is recommended for your location using forecast information from the Bureau of Meteorology website and live UV data from ARPANSA.


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For those looking for extra protection I would check out the Australian owned product called SParms.  SParms creates a simple, easy, safe and cool way to acheive ultimate sun protection.

SParms are worn by many international elite level sports people in various fields from all over the globe.

The light weight arms help the players stay cool and refreshed, as well as protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

When athletes are competing in tournaments it is important that they are comfortable, cool and protected, as re-application of sun cream is often difficult to manage, we created the SParms range.

Acting as a second layer of skin the protection and the unbelievable comfort from SParms are the reason why elite atheltes use our product and it is uncomparable to any other product in the market!

Our vision is to challege the concept of sun protection by offering our innovative products as a solution.


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Nikki xx

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