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Fairway Birdie Update !!

Lots of exciting things have been happening over the last month which has kept me very busy and made it hard to get pen to paper !  My apologies for the lack of content but you’ll be excited to know that my new project has been a huge success.

We have just held our very first series of golf clinics in partnership with Yarra Bend Golf.  I was blown away by the amount of women who had been contacting me via email and my online platforms that I decided to create something of our own.

The golf clinic at Yarra Bend was not a random selection as it also provided an environment for ongoing nurture for the beginner golfer, creating a pathway to integrate women into a golfing community with like minded women.  Yarra Bend Ladies play weekly in competition golf or social golf.  We have clubs like theirs all over Melbourne which are filled with female members who are encouraging and welcoming in every way but just don’t have the resources to spread the word.

After making the choice 28 brave enthusiastic women have had the perfect introduction to a life with golf.  Starting with new social interaction and moving onto learning the basics of the golf swing, clubs, course and playing 3 holes with a set of clubs.

After the completion of our recent clinics the girls were so happy with the process, instruction and the sheer fun of it that they immediately enrolled in another series of lessons.  These girls are well on the way to becoming proficient golfers ready to play a round of golf.  They have acquired another string in their bow and are not far off joining a club, playing with other lady golfers or even their husbands!!  The Yarra Bend Ladies Golf Club has around 130 members and plays competition golf on Tuesday mornings and social golf on Friday mornings.  They provide a welcoming and friendly environment for both experienced golfers and those new to the game.  If you are a beginner, the club will assist you to get your Golflink handicap, help you learn the rules and etiquette of the game, improve your skills and introduce you to a group of friendly and fun women.

My vision for FWB is to encourage and inspire you to take up the game but to also provide you with a community for future integration, enriching your lives for the better.

I think Fairway Birdies can be that link, we can develop a program around Australia where clubs can facilitate their clinics through us to help grow their golfing communities.  Working with Country and Metropolitan golf clubs who are able to offer modern game opportunities such as 9 or 12 holes, less expensive membership costs, coaching and women’s clinics connecting like minded women for on going social connectedness.



Our next set of Clinics will begin early February 2019,  BOOK IN HERE AT https://www.yarrabendgolf.com/homepage-buttons/golf-lessons/fairway-birdies

Remember the opportunities that Fairway Birdies can offer, such as help on golf club selection and purchase price, Fairway Birdie hot pink golf caps and travel deals.

So, to contact me or view more information on joining beginner clinics send me an email at nikkiwilsongolf@gmail.com or contact me via my online platforms Facebook & Instagram.


“I just wanted to tell you how much I’m loving Fairway Birdies. I’ve had the best lesson today, in between so many giggles with these six gals, I feel like the luckiest girl in Melbourne !  Absolutely loving Yarra Bend Golf with our very patient coach Aaron Shaw. We finish our 4 week course next friday and have decided to do another 4 weeks before christmas, so that we then can be pro’s for January !” – Justine

“Getting some practise in while my boys have a lesson on course.  Pity no one is watching a few went up in the air and quite far, felt so good !”   – Jenny


“I was telling my friend tonight how you motivated and inspired me to find a place to start my golf journey.” – Sharon


“Loved it today, stayed back for an hour and was much happier with how I was hitting them at the practice range..  Hope your day has had a highlight, mine has” … – Gabrielle

“Thanks Nikki, I realise how much there is to learn about golf and why you don’t want to leave it too late to start… – Cath



Go to our shop online to order yours for christmas.

(Delivery due mid december)




“By doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the hearts of others”.

Nikki xx

  1. Nikki, what a great report! You are successfully encouraging women to play this wonderful game of ours. I was one of the fortunate ones who started playing as a teenager, and now 60 years on, can speak of the joy and challenge of playing the game, meeting so many wonderful, encouraging people, walking hundreds of beautiful golf courses in Australia and overseas.

    Golf is a humbling game. It’s impossible to see your own faults which emphasises the value of lessons with your chosen professional, but what a thrill when you ‘get it right’!

    Congratulations to you and to your new band of golfers, who, like me, will be so thankful that golf became their choice of sport!

    Lee Wills.


    1. Nikki Wilson

      Thank you Lee, so lovely of you to say. I really appreciate your support and advice, your encouragement and passion for the game is addictive and I love that you have so much history with the game itself.
      Nikki xx


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