My friend Mary, is an intelligent, caring and serene energy to be around.  Ten years ago Mary and I joined a basketball team with 8 other women, we called ourselves ‘ The Diamonds ‘.  Over the years we came to the realisation that basketball was not going to be a long term plan due to, dare I say it, age & body issues !!

Mary would tell you I found golf a little earlier on than she, but over the past year Mary along with many of the girls from The Diamonds joined a Ladies Beginner Clinic at Green Acres Golf Club.  I get such a thrill when I see Mary out on the golf course, she sends me photos and text messages when shes enjoying a day of golf with family and friends out on the course.

Mary is an inspiration to many women not only for her incredible legacy she has created being co-founder and director of Learning For Life, a Kew-based centre providing early intervention to autistic children as young as 18 months, Mary has been the driving force behind the not-for-profit organisation giving families and children a chance to live as normal lives as possible.

I know that Mary’s story will inspire and encourage women to take the step, live a life with golf.

Take a look at our interview with Mary…

F.W.B: Hi there! We are so excited to have you as our ‘Fairway Birdie Golfer of the Week’. How did you first get involved in golf and why? and what golf clubs have you been a member of?

M.M: I am honoured to be “Fairway Birdie Golfer of the Week” as I still don’t consider myself a golfer but I guess I am, albeit one with L plates on still! I got involved with golf when my dear friend Deb Paidoussi invited our old basketball team members, the Diamonds, and other girlfriends along to a golf clinics for women at Green acres Golf Club. So about 6 of us started attending weekly clinics together. I’ve joined Green acres just recently with my husband and we are going to try to play 9 holes once a week (we used to go dancing together now it is golf!)


What age did you begin, and how long have you been playing for? 

I am mid 50’s and have been learning for a year but just started playing semi regularly about 6 months ago.

Who are your biggest inspirations/role models in the game? and why?  (They could be well known golfers, or a friend at the club) 

Deb Paidoussi who started a few years ago is so dedicated, disciplined and is doing so well. And of course the fabulous Nikki Wilson is inspiring and bubbling with enthusiasm too, although I have never seen her play she is always just heading off to play golf or coming back from golf when I see her! A legend!


In your opinion, what do you think the hardest part about golf is? 

Staying cool and calm! I think golf is just one big mindfulness exercise…getting that focus takes a lot of practice.

Golf for some people is a huge mental game. Do you agree/ or disagree? Why? 

It is definitely a mental game and that is part of the attraction for me. I want to keep healthy both physically and mentally. I look at older people playing golf and they are all very fit and with it mentally, there must be something in it!


And to finish it off, do you have any words for those who are thinking about starting golf, but keep pushing it aside due to doubts, time management and lack of support?

Golf is a great way to stay active, social and have fun. It’s something that my husband and I can do together. It gets us out of the house and off our computers! Going on holidays has a new element, golf gives us a focus.We are not very good at sitting still so seeing the sights playing golf is a great way to explore new territory (country golf clubs are great places). Golf has the extra bonus that you get to see lots of flora and fauna on the courses which can include tropical birdlife, crocodiles and kangaroos! Being in a golf club is also a good community, a new village to play in but you can still enjoy playing golf without being in a club especially when you first start you can just head to the public courses and late afternoon you might be the only ones out there! I thoroughly recommend it, get started you will get addicted!


Thank you so much for giving us your precious time to answer these questions. We truly believe that your contribution will help us encourage and motivate more and more women in the game of golf.

Fairway Birdies! xox 

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