Lyndel and I crossed paths over 15 years ago when we were both doing the school drop offs and pickups.  We created a wonderful group of friendships through our kids school community but as we’ve all moved on we now share the same love and passion for Golf.   I’ve loved watching Lyndel grow in this game, I started a few years before and would always encourage her to take up the game.   Golf now provides new opportunities for Lyndel with holidays, social days, weekends, club comps and new friendships.  I’m so proud that she has worked hard at her game, showing diligence and commitment to improve her shot making consistency.

Here’s our Q&A interview with Lyndel:

F.W.B: Hi there! We are so excited to have you as our very first ‘Fairway Birdie Golfer of the Week’. How did you first get involved in golf and why? and what golf clubs have you been a member of?

L.A: I work with a girl who has played since her 20’s at ‘The Royal Melbourne Golf Club’ off 5. She loves women to play golf and encouraged me to enquire about a “give golf a go” program at a course close to home. She looked up courses and discovered Box Hill Golf Club was in my area. I rang that day only to be told that their first “give golf a go”program was booked out!! They took my details as they had a lot of interest. The next week I received a phone call to say they were running another program!

When you first began, did you sign up with a bunch of friends, or did you solo style it? 

My girlfriend also wanted to learn so even though we signed up together we went on different days as she worked full time and I had children’s sport on weekends. We would often play 9 holes together on a Sunday afternoon – we could play certain days with our “give golf a go” membership


What age did you begin, and how long have you been playing for? 

Late forties I began, unfortunately I fractured my collar bone (horse riding not golfing!) so missed out on my “gold give golf a go membership” for most of the last year! I decide if I don’t join as a full member I wouldn’t play, so I threw myself in!! One day playing 9 holes with another ggag (give it a go) girl, another member and her friend asked if they could join us. Feeling a bit anxious as she swung her driver back and hit the most impressive shot over the creek on the 1st hole – she was good!!! Somehow during those 9 holes she convinced me to play in the Wednesday ladies comp with her!! I was hoping she’d forget – no such luck!!! I received an email to say I was teeing off at 0815 off the first! I had never played 18 holes! I was so nervous, fussing around my bag, losing my ball, misplacing my glove but somehow my first shot went over the creek and I was hooked! I’ve now played (almost) every Wednesday since, for 2 years.

Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 9.19.51 am.png

Who are your biggest inspirations/role models in the game? and why?  (They could be well known golfers, or a friend at the club) 

The members at Box Hill Golf Club (BHGC) have been amazing. Initially I knew very little rules or golf etiquette – even though we covered both in ggag! It’s not until you are on the course that they make sense. The ladies at BHGC ensure you know and practice the rules! They are an eclectic group and our Lady Captain Night is like nothing else I’ve ever seen. The first year I went on a ggag table I was wondering what these women were on! This year two girlfriends and I were running the night!

Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 9.18.57 am.png

In your opinion, what you do think the hardest part about golf is? 

Realising that no one is watching and judging you! We have all started somewhere and realistically golfers are more focused on their own game and handicap rather than yours!

Golf for some people is a huge mental game. Do you agree/ or disagree? Why? 

We all try our best, no matter what you are playing – bowl/ inter club/board events. I remind myself if I’m playing poorly that I’m not at work or home making beds!! I have a gorgeous group of golfing girlfriends outside of BHGC who I play and travel on golfing holidays with. We remind each other frequently on a beautiful day in a stunning location how lucky we are. Yes it is a mental game but we are not pro’s and we are playing golf because (mostly) it’s fun. The added benefit is that as we hit mid life we need to be active and playing golf provides weight bearing exercise to prevent osteoporosis, keep us fit, positive and healthy.

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And to finish it off, do you have any words for those who are thinking about starting golf, but keep pushing it aside due to doubts, time management and lack of support?

I never realised that the earlier you start playing golf the better you are. All those years ago when I dropped my son at golf holiday clinics at Ivanhoe golf club I should have joined in! My thoughts were to learn golf then come back to it when I’m old!! Doesn’t work like that – the more you play, the better you are.

If you are interested in playing golf, find a beginner program near home and enrol. Just make the call and work out the logistics later! As my work colleague told me it’s great to meet and improve with girls your level – rather than playing with your husband who tells you things like “keep your head down!”


Here is Lyndel at Barnbugle with Sue, Kaye and a new ggag girl Julie


Lyndel recently came third in a BMW golf competition, and is now off to New Zealand for the next part of the comp! Congratulations Lyndel!!! 


Thank you so much for giving us your precious time to answer these questions. We truly believe that your contribution will help us encourage and motivate more and more women in the game of golf.

Fairway Birdies xx

  1. What a great story! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks Michelle, if you’ve got a golf story you’d like to share let us know we’d love to hear from you 💗 Nikki xx


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