Why your morning toast or banana just may not be the best idea…

In a game of golf, we want our energy levels to stabilised…..right? So why do so many players skip their breakfast in the morning, and just snack on bananas or some energy boosting supermarket snacks filled with sugar? Well, for starters, a lot of people I know have their game quite early in the morning, and usually avoid breakfast as it can leave them feeling quite heavy as they’re not used to eating SO early. Or some players like to have a bit of toast with jam or peanut butter and assume that that’s going to keep their energy going through a 3-5 hour 18 hole and 7km round of golf.

We need to ask ourselves…what’s the point of trying if I set myself up to have my energy levels plummet towards the end of my game?

We need to acknowledge how powerful a nutritious breakfast can be.

Fairway Birdies is here to help and inspire you to have a nutrient filled breakfast that will keep your energy flowing throughout the entire game. We have heaps of recipes lined up for you, and we hope they will guide you to reach stablished energy levels, so your game doesn’t fall apart towards the end.  Let’s set ourselves up for success!  

Here’s what we need to do to keep those energy levels MAINTAINED:

1. EAT a LIGHT breakfast in the MORNING 

If you start eating a good, light breakfast (doesn’t have to be a heavy breakfast), your body will get use to it, and will get your metabolism going in the morning. The bircher muesli recipe we have attached below is a perfect example of this, and throughout the following weeks we will be posting more recipes and ideas.


We need to prepare our light meal for the morning of, the night before. We suggest buying a small mason jar, so it’s easy, ‘on-the-go’ and avoids mess. The bircher muesli recipes below is perfect for putting in a mason jar and so is the overnights oats in our article here: https://fairwaybirdies.com/2017/06/14/first-blog-post/)


We suggest packing a nutritious, light snack in your golf bags, to maintain your energy. This can include nuts and protein balls (we will add more recipes soon focusing on snacks). However, a good recipe is the ‘I Quit Sugar’ protein and bliss balls, which you can find in Coles Supermarket in the ‘healthy eating’ section, where you just have to add a few things.

Below, we have attached some great recipes from Jessica Cox. Jessica is an accredited practicing nutritional practitioner with a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition) with over a decade of experience. Her following recipes will help you get your energy levels pumping through the roof by the end of your golf game.

Here’s the link to her delicious and nutritious ‘on-the-go Bircher Muesli’, perfect for us! Not too heavy, quick recipe, and easy to make. By clicking on the link here you can get the recipe: http://www.jessicacox.com.au/recipe/2012/9/12/on-the-go-bircher-muesli/

Jessica mentions how the Bircher provides a complete balance of sustaining complex carbohydrates from the quinoa, and the protein from the yogurt, nuts and seeds, and with essential fats in coconut, nuts and seeds- to keep us at our optimum level the ENTIRE game, and helps us not loose our energy towards to end of the game.

We hope this will help you be the best player you can be. Let us know how you go with the recipes, we would LOVE to get your feedback and know how your energy levels went.

Happy Golfing,

Nikki xx







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