This is a brilliant opportunity for beginner golfers, you are crazy to miss this one !!  

Fairway Birdies are teaming up with X-Golf Malvern in a new initiative designed to get women hooked on the game.  As a mum I know the challenge of juggling a busy family life, the demands of school drop offs, pickups, sporting runs, working hours and the dreaded meal times !!

I just want to say these can be used as pretty good excuses to get you out of trying something new.  Some of us quite naturally fear the challenge of trying something new however,  it can often be a very rewarding experience. This is one of those times!

There is nothing wrong with finding a little ‘you time’ focusing your energy on a hobby that you can call your own.  Fear will often get in the way of change.  I can understand your apprehension and anxiety around a new group of people, e.g. walking up to a group of mums in the school playground, who look like they’ve all been friends since birth can be very overwhelming (TERRIFYING) !! This is different.  Everybody in this group has a number of things in common such as – being new, wanting to play golf, little confidence in their own skill at present etc.

X-Golf Malvern have put together a wonderful program to help grow the game of women’s golf.  Free from many of the frustrating traditional formalities tied to golf, X-Golf Malvern is an indoor venue located within close proximity to both the city and inner south-eastern suburbs.   Being an indoor space it provides an extremely relaxed and fun-filled atmosphere for golfers of all abilities.
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Looking back when I plucked up the courage to take on golf in my life I can remember how nervous I was, at 40 years of age I never thought I’d be able to try something new.  So, I understand that you may have the same emotional hesitations about starting but here are a few key words to outline the positives from my journey, SOCIAL, TRAVEL, HAPPINESS, NEW FRIENDS 🙂

X-GOLF Malvern Women’s program has been created by Anthony Brown, their resident teaching professional, it all begins with a FREE WOMENS ONLY introductory information session to introduce some of the most basic concepts of golf to participants in a social setting.    With no dress codes and the focus on fun, the initial session is going to be a great way to dip your toe into the water to start your golfing journey. (information session places are limited).

If you were ever keen to do this, now is the ideal time.

The indoor golf simulators (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYDZUJCNGqo) involve hitting a ball a couple of meters into a screen from an artificial grass mat. The ball travels a couple of meters and the computer does the rest supplying information on many variables such as swing speed, distance and ball spin.  The computer will give you an image of your ball flight on the screen.  You won’t feel inferior to others as you are not standing out on an outdoor driving range with everybody watching how far the ball goes. The little booths keep it safe, easy, private and cosy.

malvern-Pano 2.png

The extended program with Anthony will ensure all women build their basic knowledge of the game.  Each session runs for approximately 90 minutes, running participants through a range of activities from basic golf technique, skill builders, information on eventually playing on golf courses and internal competitions/games.

The FREE introductory sessions will be held on Thursday February 22nd and Thursday March 1st from 5.30 – 7pm.   Please call Jasper or Anthony at X-Golf Malvern on 9822 0355 or email on malvern@xgolf.com.au to book your spot !! 

Places are limited to 18 ladies for each of the first 2 sessions so get in quick to book your place.   If we exceed the 36 then you will be placed onto a waiting list for another session which will be schedule ASAP.

Some Fairway Birdies may have already started golf or are in the throws of beginning, this program will only add and benefit your progress.  If you know of someone who would like to start bring them with you or send them down.  I will be there to meet & greet you all and help you enjoy the night.




  1. Please arrive in casual comfortable sportswear
  2. Runners or golf shoes
  3. No golf clubs required – supplied. (However if you have your own you can bring them)
  4. Arrive early (I will meet and greet and help you register and introduce you to everyone)
  5. Call X-Golf Malvern on 9822 0355 and book your spot
  6. Subscribe to Fairway Birdies by entering your email address below 🙂

Nikki x

  1. Trudy Marget

    This is such a great way to start playing and to meet other new golfers. Fabulous idea.


    1. Nikki Wilson

      Thanks Trudy, if you can share on FB to let all your friends know !! xx


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