One of my reasons for setting up Fairway Birdies was to encourage you to have a life with GOLF !!

I’m so excited because my blog is working.  I’ve had many messages from those of you who have been tempted to start.  Well here we go, Tom Corker our Teaching Professional from Kingston Heath Golf Club has come on board with his insights and advice on how to get started.  Over the next month or so he will guide you into getting started as a beginner Golfer.  By the way this is nothing to be ashamed of, everybody starts at the beginning and it’s a known fact that you don’t want to pick up any bad habits.  Take advice and pick up as many small tips as you can.  It is many small things that will make a big difference, I will be able to share with you all of his advice over the next few months.

A girlfriend of mine has had a wonderful experience participating in the program “Give Golf a Go” at Box Hill Golf Club in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne.  Lyndel joined these clinics encouraged by her husband John and has met many friends along the journey.  Clinics like these are essential and are offered by all pro shops at all courses both private and public.  You must make enquiries, bite the bullet, and jump in with other beginners to get started.  It is often the case that you find playing partners there to eventually play your first dozen rounds with until you are proficient.  Lyndel came up through GGAG and has now been playing Wednesday ladies comp for 2 years, starting with a 46 handicap she now plays off 24.  Lyndel has taken up a membership at Box Hill Golf Club and is making the most of what the club has to offer the women members, she is now a member of their interclub team.  I’m so proud of her she’s also won 4 monthly medals !!! “Go Lyndel”                                        

 (Lyndel & Sue on a golf weekend to Barnbougle with their husbands, enjoying a quiet one !!) Luv it…FullSizeRender-7

As an example at Box Hill the focus is to give women the time and support they need to learn enough about the game to feel comfortable out on the course and confident enough to play golf with other people.  

The Next GGAG Level 1 sessions are scheduled for :

Mondays at 11am, 11th Sept – 9th Oct  2017 

Saturdays at 8.30am, 9th Sept – 7th Oct  2017


Step 1.

Give Golf a Go – Level 1 $100

Includes: Five x 1 hour coaching sessions all equipment (if required).

Five 1 hour coaching sessions providing participants with an introduction to the basic skills of putting, chipping, pitching and the full swing.  Refreshments are provided afterwards to allow participants the opportunity to socialize.

Step 2.

Give golf a Go – Level 2 $125

Includes : Five x 1 hour coaching sessions (program continues on from Level 1 of GGAG).

A five-week program continuing on from the foundations of GGAG Level 1 where the fundamentals of technique are coached.  All equipment is provided for free but players are suggested to practice between sessions, so we provide you with a fitted 7 iron.

Step 3.

Bronze Level – 6 months $399

  • Non-playing Membership for 6 months (access to practice facilities allowed)
  • 4 x 1 hour group lessons (4 people) The focus will be on recapping the basics to allow for

better practice, the value of a routine and a lesson on basic bunker techniques.

  • 2 group playing lessons on-course of 1 hour (4 ppl) These will teach basics of where

To play from, basic etiquette, how to be safe and where to stand etc.

  • 3 x 30 minute individual lessons
  • Players will only be allowed to play on course with full members or within lesson time


James Hull – Head Teaching Professional

Box Hill Golf Club

(03) 9808 4519





Albert Park is an inner suburb of Melbourne, 3 km south of the CBD.  I met Kate Nolan (nee Mackintosh in her hey day :))  over 30 years ago through my sister who played with Kate, they came through the Victorian Junior golfing ranks together.  I’ve caught up with Kate over my journey and had my fair share of lessons also.  You can book private lessons with Kate or join one of Albert Parks beginner clinics.

Kate is passionate about the game of golf. It has kept her captivated from an early age, driving her through junior, state and national teams, the Australian Institute of Sport, The Victorian Institute of Sport and then an interesting professional career. Since 2004, after playing professionally through Asia, Europe and the USA she has concentrated on developing her coaching skills so that she can share this knowledge and her love for the game with people ranging from all ages and capabilities.

Qualified through the Professional Golfers Association and the Australian Ladies Professional Golf organization she enjoys developing programs for small groups, coaching juniors and delivering quality private lessons. Whilst her personal relationship with her own game continues, she delivers her lessons in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.This is what beginners need to tap into.Someone with a deep understanding of the game will embrace  your efforts. Golf is their choice vocation and they are trained to teach beginners.


$65         30 MINUTES

$120       60 MINUTES


Our 4 week Beginner Clinics start in the first week of each month.

These 4 week clinics commence on the first Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday of each month…

$140 per person  –  4 week clinic – equating to $35 per session. All balls, clubs and coaching is included.


The only thing you need to get started is an enthusiasm to learn how to play golf in a fun, healthy and social way!

You can book into our Swing Fit program at a date and time suitable to you to get started, or get a group of 6 friends together and schedule a private class with us.

You don’t need any equipment, as all of this will be provided for you at the session. Simply put on some comfortable clothes, fill up a water bottle and head to your first session.

 03 9696 GOLF (4653)


Yarra Bend Golf


We don’t live too far from Yarra Bend so John & I are always popping in to use the range facilities.  Top of the art facility and a must for those who live in the area.

For decades Yarra Bend Golf Course has been recognised as one of  the top golf courses in Melbourne. In more recent years, this beautiful Yarra Park location in Fairfield, has been transformed into a prominent Melbourne golfing hub, with the introduction of a new 36 Hole Adventure Golf course and state of the art driving range and short game facility. Yarra Bend Golf is also home to BannLynchMcDade, a world authority in golf coaching and instruction.

Clinics have now been confirmed and finalised, please call the Proshop on 9481 3729 if you still wish to book into one of the clinics.

If you are just starting out in golf and are looking to make rapid improvement and enjoy the game more,  these clinics are perfect for you!

The small group size will ensure you not only receive high quality instruction from one of our BannLynchMcDade coaches, but you will also receive one-on-one time with your coach. Your PGA Professional will identify the most important areas for improvement and guide you towards better golf.

The group clinic structure has proven highly popular, with four clinic formats on offer depending on level of ability and desired focus. With limited group sizes designed to ensure dedicated focus, our clinics sell out fast. Be sure to register your details and secure your position.


Level 1 –Learn to Swing

  • 4 x 1 hour lessons for $99, maximum of 8 students per class

Week 1: Introduction to golf, grip, stance, posture, alignment and ball position

Week 2: Full swing concepts including body, arm and club control

Week 3: Putting set-up and stroke mechanics

Week 4: Short game concepts for chipping and pitching

Level 2 – Ready to Play 

  • 4 x 1 hour lessons for $99, maximum of 8 students per class

Week 1: Pivot and plane: arm and body connection

Week 2: Arms and hand action for all shots plus bonus introduction to woods

Week 3: Putting distance and accuracy control plus green reading

Week 4: Short game shots and strategies
or 03 9481 3729 




What should be in my bag? – Beginners

Tom Corker – Teaching Professional


Simplifying such a complex game and setting the player up for fast improvement should be the objectives when selecting a beginner’s set of clubs.

My preference would be to have a selection of only five or six clubs where each club serves a purpose and gets used regularly.  A full set is not essential for a golfer starting out.  Fewer clubs mean fewer options, which is great as it allows you to concentrate on the fundamentals without the uncertainty of not knowing which club to use.

Additionally, with fewer clubs to choose from, naturally you’ll be using each one more often. Building familiarity with your clubs is really important to develop a heightened awareness of how each club feels, sounds and performs.

Here are the five clubs that I recommend for every beginner golfers’ bag.

Tee shot club
The club that hits the ball the furthest distance will most likely be a driver.  However, you may prefer a fairway wood for this purpose.

Fairway shot (when you can’t reach the green)
This is the club you are likely to use the most.  Given this, I recommend being fitted by a golf professional who will ensure you will get the most out of the many options on the market.

Approach shot (a shot onto the green from some distance, or a chip shot)
This shot requires a higher trajectory so the ball has less roll out.  I would select an 8 or 9 iron.

Bunker shot
A sand wedge is required in everyone’s bag for hitting out of bunkers.

Again, this club is absolutely necessary.  Given around a third of all shots played will be putts, you need to find something that you are comfortable with.

Finally, the bag you choose is also important. You don’t want to be lugging a big old leather bag around with only 4-5 clubs in it. Pencil bags are as light as a feather, cheap and very transportable.



I hope the information provided has helped and if you have any questions or you would like me to source clinics close to your suburb please send me a message below via my blog.

Nikki xx



  1. Rosalind Jilla August 7, 2017 at 3:38 am

    Proud of you Nikki doing a great job 😘x Ros


    1. Nikki Wilson

      Thank you Ros, You have been hitting it so well lately Congratulations on your success xx see you at the Club soon 🙂


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