Maintaining our golf skill as we age…

A recent internet search has allowed me to uncover an interesting article from the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, 2007 by J.Baker et al. 15,299-316

This study examined the maintenance of skilled performance across the careers of 96 professional golfers !  

Data was collected on scoring average, driving distance, accuracy, greens in regulation and putts.  Analysis indicated that performance in this activity can be maintained to a greater extent than in activities relying on biologically constrained abilities.

This suggests that acquired skills can be maintained to a large extent in the face of advancing age.  


Another study I found in the Journals of Gerontology 2014, 69(2): 245-249, B.Hayslip et al, looked at ‘Age, Psychological skills and Golf Performance’.

This study explored the influence of age in understanding mental skills used in golf at a national amateur golf competition.  It targeted the effect of age in influencing the impact of psychological skills and anxiety on competitive tournament performance across the adult life span.

Findings suggested no significant age effects and showed that developing golf specific psychological skills is required to enhance or maintain performance, irrespective of age.

So the big take home message is to develop relevant psychological skills to allow yourself to stay positive out on the golf course over every shot.

Develop an attitude that doesn’t allow anxiety or negativity to register in your mind.  

Talk to a golf pro to develop a pre-shot routine for your mind and mechanics.  Rehearse it and use it, without distraction out on the course.

Studies show that an appropriate mental application to the game will allow you to maintain your performance into advancing years.  

It seems to be this mental side of the game that is important, not just your physical capacity.  So girls, read up on it !!!!

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