‘Strength and Conditioning Essentials’ Series Part 1.

Keeping motivated to be fit and strong for golf !! What if I told you that your core stability & gluteus maximus would increase your consistency with your golf game… cleaner, straighter, longer ball flight.


BUT there’s a catch, you need an exercise regime designed to activate these muscles.

I for one am happy to admit there is work to be done in the gym or at home in my living room, these easy exercises take no time at all and are a MUST for any golfer…

I just so happen to know an awesome Physio who has happily volunteered his time to help us with Part 1. of Strength & Conditioning Essentials.  After a week or so we will be posting Part 2. 


Basic Cardio capacity is required to walk for up to 4 1/2 hours on a golf course. However the golfer requires core strength to brace her legs and lower body, rotate her trunk independently and swing through with good range of movement.  

No wobbles, good control.

Not getting weaker and fatigued as the round progresses.

The following drills and exercises will help you achieve this.


Exercise 1. 

Single leg standing – arms out infront – hands together – rotate your shoulders slowly around your body side to side – maintaining your balance.

3 sets to 10.  Do each leg.

Exercise 2.

Sit on a chair – legs apart bracing for stability – use  a rubber exercise band fixed to a point (a knot jammed in a door) – hold the other end of the rubber in your hands – arms folded across your body – rotate slowly away stretching the band – strengthening your trunk rotators.

3 sets of 10 left & right directions.


Do the above exercises ideally x5 sessions per week.  They are basic stabilization and rotational strengthening exercises.


Physiotherapist Mr John Wilson –www.wilsonphysiogroup.com.au

  1. Thank you Nikki, fabulous blog. Your husband John at Wilson Physio has really helped my golf with telling me that a curved spine cannot twist. I have been getting up to an extra 30 metres on my drives off the tee since this knowledge by keeping my spine straight. ⛳️


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